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Inspired by Pé Bandits Win Big on Saturday Night
December 2, 2017
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Inspired by Pé Bandits Win Big on Saturday Night


Prior to their game against the first place Gatineau Hull-Volant on Saturday, Bandits veteran and Assistant Captain Nezz Bédard led a brief ceremony Honouring long time Bandits Fan and Grandfather of a very popular Bandit Alex Labrecque’s Grandfather.  The call him Pé and Pé doesn’t miss Bandits games in years. 


Pé is struggling with illness and the Bandits wanted to show him their love for him by Presenting him with his grandson’s game worn Bandits Jersey.  Pé to ill to attend in person, joined the ceremony through Facetime. 


The Bandits organisation is very proud of their players for realising that it’s not all about hockey.  This sport is about team, family and community and hockey has proved time and time again that when the chips are down we band together. 


Inspired by all this, the Bandits played one of their best games of the season against an always tough and well-prepared Hull team.  The Bandits won the game 5-1 but the score was tied at one well into the third period when the Bandits seem to catch a second wind to finally take over the game.


Nicholas Thibault led the way with three points and the Bandits were once again fortunate to get key saves from Miguel D’Aoust while playing a good defensive game.


The Bandits will play two this weekend starting on Friday when they travel to Bytown to play their first away game against this new team who got their first win a few weeks ago.  The Bandits then head back home on Saturday to face the First place Papineau Vikings which should once again be the biggest test of the season.


“Things get tougher and tougher as the season goes on.  We are looking forward to the challenge and will be ready for both contests.” Said head coach Dale Murdoch.


Pé we love you and pray for you.  You are part of our team and we will continue to work hard to honor you….




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