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Make Paul's Final Wish For His 3 Year Old Son Come True
December 13, 2017
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Cumberland Bandits Hockey Club


To all our Fans and to the community,


The Cumberland Bandits have been helping our community for 10 years now. We are not just about hockey. The Bandits over the past few years have been responsible for close to 100K donated or raised to help kids who are sick, families who cannot afford to pay for sports, kids whom have lost or are losing their parents. We have also helped many kids by giving them scholarships to university or college. We have also helped kids who have applied for trade schools and even helped a few who are starting out in business.


With the help of our Partners such as sponsors and advertisers at Ray Friel and with the help of the Cumberland Hockey Community, we have found the strength to help as much as we can. Our voices have magnified with the help our elected officials starting with Mr. Bob Monette our longest supporter, Mr. Blais, Mr. Mitic, the Honourable Andrew Leslie et l’Honorable Marie-France Lalonde.


The Bandits biggest fights have always been to try to raise funds for kids who are affected by cancers. In recent memory we raised monies for our hero Estéphanie Jémus the daughter of one of our coaches whom was stricken with stage 4 Lymphoma just as she started University. Happily, after two years now Este is still going strong having fought off this horrible disease.


The Bandits family was struck again this summer when long time Bandit volunteer Mr. Doug Wicks was stricken with Leukemia. Again, fortunately Doug is in remission and is expected to recover fully and live a long life.


All of our stories do not have a happy ending however. On November 23rd 2017, our community was saddened to hear the passing of an incredible young man Paul Massad and the tender age of 22. Paul had been fighting stage 4 Lymphoma since March 2016 and unfortunately lost this battle. 

Please click here to help Paul's achieve his final wish for his 3 year old son Bentley


This incredible young man had only one thought throughout his ordeal and when his final days were near instead of feeling sorry for himself and give up, he instead captured all of our hearts by making a plea to his family, friends and community to raise funds for his 3 year old son Bentley. In his words:

My biggest concern is my 3 and a half year old son named Bentley, and that he is ultimately looked after and taken care of throughout this whole Ordeal. He is an amazing young man and I just want to be able to provide for him ensure he grows up with good values and is provided with everything I had growing up and intend to make his life going forward a little easier throughout this hardship.”


Read Paul’s full message to the community here


The response was overwhelming but the Bandits led by one of our players Tyler Fernandes and his and Paul’s best friend Corey Tadvalkar want to bring this to the next Level. We strongly believe in the Goodness of our Community which we consider the best in Ottawa, the best in Ontario, the best in Canada and even the best in the world. There is no community like ours when it comes to raising funds for someone in need and we would like to prove this once again.


On Saturday January 20th 2018 7:30pm at Ray Friel (Ron Racette Rink 1) the Bandits will be donating all proceeds from their game against the Clarence Castors. All of the monies raised for that game will be donated to Paul’s go fund me page.


Paul’s friends, family and of course Bentley will be in attendance along with other Special Guests and VIPs.   You can purchase a ticket for the game by following this link. Since all proceeds are going to Pauls go fund me page, even if you cannot attend please purchase a ticket(s) so that we not only make Paul’s final wish come true but at the same time help this 3 year old boy who now faces life without his father and best friend.


As Christmas time is approaching we hope that we can all take time to reflect how lucky we are to have our health, our families and our friends. We ask that you keep Paul’s beautiful son Bentley in mind as he will pass his first Christmas without his dad, a harsh reality indeed for such a young life.   By simply purchasing a ticket or tickets we will unfortunately not be making everything right for Bentley but we can help him with his future while showing this young child that people do care.


If you have any questions about this event or have an idea on how you can help raise funds for Paul or for anything else please email


We hope to be able to help Bentley and secure his future and with our communities help we believe we can. Please Please spread this message.

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